CFP: Military History Carnival

Tthe second Military History Carnival will be hosted at Victoria’s Cross? on 13th May (that's one week today). Send submissions to $gary$@$breathinghistory$.$com$ (but remove the dollar signs!) or use the Military History Carnival submission form.

Remember this isn't just about traditional military history - we aim to be as broad and inclusive as possible. Weapons, tactics, strategy, uniforms, insignia, equipment etc are all interesting and important, and so are relationships between war and society, culture, race, gender, sexuality, disability, and the non-human. Preparations for and aftermaths of wars are as significant as the wars themselves. Opposition to war needs to be considered alongside the conduct of war. Representations of war in literature, films, TV, games etc are just as valid objects of study as empirical evidence of reality.

We cover all periods of history from ancient to 20th century (but remember posts about current or recent events - anything after the year 2000 - aren't eligible).

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