2011 Clios Nominations: Alternate Site

Due to technical difficulties at HNN affecting Cliopatria and the award nomination posts, we have established these 'satellite pages.' If you have already made a nomination at HNN, you do not have to duplicate it here; if HNN's technical difficulties are solved, you do not have to renominate items from here over there. Both sites' nominations will be accounted for in the judging.

Cliopatria Award 2011 Icon

The Cliopatria Awards recognize the best history writing in the blogosphere. There will be awards in eight categories:

Cliopatria, as host of the awards, is ineligible for the"Best Group Blog" category. Individual judges are ineligible for nomination in their respective categories, but may be nominated for other awards. Judges may also make nominations in other categories.

Bloggers, blogs and posts may be nominated in multiple categories. Individuals may nominate any number of specific blogs, bloggers or posts, even in a single category, as long as the nominations include all the necessary information (names, titles, URLs, etc).

Nominations will be open through November; judges will make the final determinations in December. The winners will be announced at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting in early January 2011; winners will be listed on HNN and earn the right to display the appropriate Cliopatria Award Logo on their blog.

Judges for 2011 are: Manan Ahmed, Kelly Baker, Jonathan Dresner, Mary Dudziak, Katrina Gulliver, Andrew Hartman, Brett Holman, Sharon Howard, Shane Landrum, Randall Stephens, Karen Tani, David Weinfeld.

Previous winners can be seen here.

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