Carnivalesque News

It's always been a bit of a problem for Carnivalesque that we had only the one nomination form for the alternating ancient/medieval and early modern editions. If you sent in a nomination in the 'wrong' month, there was no certainty that it would end up with the right host. I think we 'lost' a number of nominations this way. On top of that, there's been a growing problem with spammy nominations from Blog Carnival.

Well, I finally got around to setting up a nomination form hosted at Carnivalesque's website, which has also allowed the creation of separate forms for the two strands of the carnival. Now you can send a nomination in at any time and it will go to the host of the next edition for its topic.

(Even if you accidentally use the wrong form, a copy of the nomination will be going to one or both of the Mistresses of Misrule; we don't guarantee to pass it on to the right place, but will do our best.)

So bookmark these two pages for the future: - ANCIENT/MEDIEVAL content nomination form - EARLY MODERN content nomination form

And you can find the link to the two forms on the carnival homepage.

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