Military History Carnival posted

The 13th Military History Carnival is now up at The Cannon’s Mouth. In this case 13 isn’t unlucky at all as Ken has done an excellent job.

The next edition will be coming home to Investigations of a Dog on 15th May. This is a special edition with a theme of Contested Boundaries. As well as territorial disputes, we’d like to see posts about how war complicates boundaries of race, class, gender, sexuality, species etc. Above all we want to question the boundary between peace and war. If you see anything on these themes, please submit it. Or you could even write something if you feel inspired.

Submissions don’t have to be on these themes - you can still submit posts about any aspect of military history, war and armed forces. The usual limits apply: posts mainly about wars that happened after 1 January 2001 are not eligible.

E-mail submissions to or use the the submission form.

And we still need hosts for June and July - I’m not doing it two months in a row! If you’d like to try hosting please get in touch by leaving a comment on the MHC page or use this mailform.

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