History Carnival and Carnivalesque - hosts needed for 2008

Oh yes, it's the time of year when I have to start that old emotional blackmail again... No hosts means no carnivals - so if you've enjoyed reading, why not give something back next year? New hosts (please read the notes on hosting at the carnival websites) and old-timers are equally welcome!

The History Carnival needs hosts from February 2008 onwards: email sharon[AT]earlymodernweb.org.uk.

Carnivalesque is looking for hosts from January 2008 (which will be ancient/medieval): email carnivalesque[AT]earlymodernweb.org.uk, and please note in the subject line whether you're into ancient/medieval or early modern (or would do either...).

Oh, and please be sure to include your blog's URL in your email. (If you don't have a blog but are familiar with the history blogosphere and would really like to try hosting, a guest slot somewhere might be possible.)

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