CFP: Four Stone Hearth

From Marc Herbert:
Dear Four Stone Hearth / Anthropology Bloggers,

I intend to host the next edition of Four Stone Hearth at on Tuesday, May 9th. I titled the website "Anthropology 2.0" after reading P. Kerim Friendman's blog dated March 13, 2006. Friedman is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan, who uses the term Anthropology 2.0 when referring to

1. the collaborative use of ICTs in contributing towards anthropological knowledge as a whole and
2. the importance of a providing anthropological treatments of ICTs via more timely publishing venues than paper journals, which can take too long to publish, rendering new scholarship of ICTs outdated.

I would like to explore further the ideas raised by Friedman (and any ideas of your own) in the upcoming blog carnival. I welcome contributions by everyone on any anthropological topic; however, if you have yet to write something and are interested in participating in the blog carnival, then perhaps you would blog about this topic.

I am also suggesting this topic because I submitted a request to present a poster at the upcoming American Anthropological Association's conference. The poster is about anthropology blogs and I thought it would be interesting to include a section of how various anthropologists who blog treat the issue of the impact ICTs (computers, cell phones, the Internet, radio) are having on the theories, methods and practice of the discipline of anthropology.

If you would like to participate, then please:

1) Provide me with a sentence or two about your blog entry and the weblink. Do not include the actual blog entry. That will be for your website only.

2) Write FOUR STONE HEARTH in the subject heading.

3) Send everything to me by Sunday, May 6 anytime (EST).

4) Complete and post your blog posting by 7am Tuesday, May 9 EST. I hope to post everything on my website at that time.

If you submit something and prefer I do not use your information for the poster, then please let me know, and I will respect your wishes.
An interesting experiment!

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