Hello Again, World

This is, of course, the former home of the History Carnival, and rather than abandon it to the spammers, I thought I'd recycle it. With the growth of the historical blogosphere to include new specialist carnivals, I decided that it was time we had our very own announcements blog. Of course, I don't want to do all the work myself, so I'm going to make this a group blog as quickly as possible.

The idea is this: one administrator of every carnival listed here can be a member of this blog. We post only three or four things here: Calls for Posts (usually about a week before the edition date), Calls for Hosts, Announcements of New Editions, and miscellaneous (but not numerous) administrative announcements. This gives everyone in the historical blogging (and reading) community a feed which includes just the historical carnivals, and all of the historical carnivals.

I'm open to suggestions for other carnivals with strong historical themes, particularly carnivals whose administrators want to handle their own announcements.


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